Project Consultancy::

Project Consultancy involves appraising the project to be undertaken by the client in any field, systematic and comprehensive review of the economic, environmental, technical, financial, social and other aspects of the project to determine if the objective for which it is to be undertaken could met. We have the expert team for gap analysis, environmental and economical analysis, and all related feasibility study and finally to arrive at the defining the objective, corporate strategies, marketing techniques of the project for our clients. Our team is dedicated to serve the client to grasp the Opportunities and overcome the Threats, which requires a completely integrated and synchronized approach of identification, decision-making and proper implementation. In addition we also deal with Project Planning, Basic & Detailed Engineering, Procurement Services, Contract Management, Drawings & Documentation, Project Monitoring and Co-ordination, Site - Management Reviews - Minimizing Overruns & Hold-ups.
Our services also encompass Critical Inspections, Quality Assurance, Manpower & Resource Planning, Commissioning and Start-ups Supervision of Trials & Commissioning, Work & Material Flow Management and Establishing Optimum Operational Parameters, Assistance for Statuary Approvals, Technical Audits Energy, Quality, Environmental, Safety and Operational Efficiency etc.
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